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Our conservation adventure began in 1992 when we fell in love with the idyllic waters of southern Mozambique and so started our history of  marine research & conservation. Over time, our love for these waters grew and we wanted to share this through the Underwater Africa volunteer
and connect volunteers with marine biologists.
For five years our scientists investigated Mozambique’s coastal reefs and threatened species, and provided training and education to local communities and the coastal police.

In 2020 we registered Mozambique’s first legally recognized Marine Foundation & Research Center. We aim to continue our legacy of Mozambican marine conservation by encouraging  local people to invest in the sustainability of their coastal resources.

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The Field Station

Volunteer House

Our Field Station is located in the rustic fishing village of Tofo, in the Inhambane province, southern Mozambique. Two steps from the beach, the terrace of our Volunteer Big House offers the best view of Tofo bay, where we relax after a long day, whilst enjoying the sunset or watching for whales!

The station is equipped with, a garden with a swimming pool and WIFI, 2 boats, and… surfboards, kitesurf and surfski
for fun!

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