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Coral reefs are the worlds most diverse ecosystem, supporting 25% of all ocean species by providing food and shelter. We aim to build knowledge on coral reef ecology in Mozambique and protect the endangered species that they support.
We need your help to complete our aim of monitoring the 31 threatened species of dolphin, turtle, shark and ray that call the reefs of southern Mozambique home.


Understanding coral reef ecology and protecting such ecosystems is of great importance for healthy seas. Coral reefs and fish communities have a close relationship of mutual benefits, as a healthy reef host a wider range of coral and fish species than a damaged reef. Our camera trap, which is set on the reef bottom, allows us to monitor the variety of fish that inhabit our reef sites and to control and preserve the reef heath status. We analyse these videos and count the number of fish of each family that are in each video, as well as measuring environmental varibles, which allow us to gain an insight into the health of these valuable reef systems. When completed over a number of years this allow us to track the health of the reef systems against an established baseline and then work further with our government partners to design regulations and ensuring the preservation of this important ecosystem.

Tofo’s incredible reef systems host and support an abundance of whale sharks, marine turtles, harmless reef associated sharks, and a diverse set of ray and manta species, who visit the reef to feed, clean or rest. We aim to collect data on their abundance, habitat use, health, size and sex in order to build up our knowledge on these animals and to inform conservation practices spanning into future. With the information that we have been collecting over the past years, we are beginning to piece together how exactly all of these incredible animals fit into Mozambique’s unique ecosystems. The data captured has provided a uniue opportunity to begin viewing these animals in a way that no one has previously done in southern Mozambique before. This information is vital in informing our conservation initiatives that will in future span the entirety of this incredible environments.

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