Fisheries Development

We encourage and support the development of sustainable community fisheries, working with local communities to develop fisheries regulations that work for the community. We provide specialist training to communities and assist in monitoring the results of their developed regulations. We do this with the aim of leaving a legacy of community regulated fisheries and an adaptive framework to support them into the future. To date we have worked with 16 communities in southern Mozambique to protect and regulate over 160 km of the coast.
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Capacity Building in Local Government

To support our conservation efforts with local communities, we also provide our local government partners with the training and resources that they need to support local community regulations. Our aim is to build capacity by sharing information and resources that leads to sustainable management and resilience in local communities and their surrounding environment.

Environmental Resilience

Mangrove forests are one of the worlds most amazing ecosystems. They protect us by locking Carbon, alleviating natural disasters and, growing fish for our fisheries. In southern Mozambique, most coastal communities are surrounded by mangrove forests however they are under threat. We aim to partner with these communities to develop and protect mangrove forests to promote environmental resilience around our partner communities.

Education Programmes

Our core belief is that education can change the world. Our aim in southern Mozambique is to provide environmental education to people of all ages and of all walks of life. We partner with schools, fishing councils, the local government, and local law enforcement to provide access to environmental knowledge and together build towards a better future.
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