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Unleash Paradise

Diving and Marine Life

Tofo hosts two iconic species of playful dolphins, the elusive humpback dolphin and the world renowned bottlenose dolphin. We are currently operating satellite studies to examine the dolphins high use habitats, their common behaviour, how many utilise the area and more. Come join us to help us protect these special and intelligent animals.

Underwater Africa has achieved an incredible success in protecting reefs and mangroves, aka marine forests. These areas enthuse the surrounding fisheries with life and so support the local communities. By working with these communities, you will feel fulfilled as you truly help Mozambicans. Help us to examine how these incredible ecosystems respond to our protection. Coral reefs are the most diverse underwater ecosystems, with one quarter of all ocean species depending on reefs for food and shelter. As a result, understanding coral reef ecology and protecting such ecosystems is of great importance for healthy seas

Help us to complete world leading research on the diversity, habitat use and movement patterns of these incredible and misunderstood oceanic animals. Work with our shark scientist to assist in deploying tags and examine the lives of these special animals.

During your dives into Tofo’s incredible reef systems you will experience an abundance of marine turtles, harmless reef associated sharks, and a diverse set of ray species. Collect data on their abundance, habitat use, health, size and sex in order to build up our knowledge on these animals in order to inform conservation practices spanning into the future.
With the information that we have been collecting over the last year, we are beginning to piece together how exactly all of these incredible animals fit into Mozambique’s unique ecosystems.

The data captured has provided a unique opportunity to begin viewing these animals in a way that no one has previously done in Southern Mozambique before. This information is vital in informing our conservation initiatives that will in future span the entirety of this incredible environment.

  • Breakfast.
  • Dive with researchers.
  • Data and image processing.
  • Lunch.
  • Execute whale watching activities from the shore.
  • Monitor the protected areas.
  • Community workshop.
  • Learn how to surf.
  • Visit a local community as part of our outreach program.
  • Data analysis and processing.
  •  Relevant scientific seminars.
  • Process sharks tagging data and reef health transects.
  • Estuary protected area expeditions.
  • Coral garden expeditions.
  • Opportunistic dissections (only if an animal is found dead.)
  • Prepare conservation material and resources for the next day.
  • End of your working day and go out for a surf, swim, beach bonfire or relax.

You will be based in the Volunteer House with 5 same -sex rooms each with
two beds. Here you will enjoy breathtaking views of Tofo bay, as well as easy
access on foot to the Foundation offices and the restaurant. Your Project
Coordinators reside within the lodge and are on call 24 hours a day. The lodge is
open from 7am until 11pm and has -24 hour security on site, with further staff
members who are always happy to help.

You have a choice of meals from the menu each day, which you will eat in the lodge restaurant. Sometimes we may decide to have a barbeque, then this will be done either at the house or another outdoor area. All food is cooked fresh each day, should you have any specific dietary requirements; please let us know before you arrive. A lot of our staff and volunteers are vegetarians or vegans, and so we are used to catering to this.

Once in a lifetime experience

What's included?

Project fee – this goes directly back into the project that you are involved
with. It facilitates funding for items such as resources, building materials,
equipment and project supplies. It also covers operational costs such as
housing, communication, and project vehicles and boats. It also helps to fund
conservation efforts as well as scientific equipment ranging from acoustic
stations to satellite tags!
– Full board and lodging including 3 meals a day at our restaurant.
– All airport transfers from Inhambane Airport upon arrival and departure.
– All daily transfers to and from your projects during your stay.
– Weekly laundry and housekeeping service.
– Comprehensive Orientation Program.
– Assistance and support from the Project Managers and staff.
– Coral garden and estuary expeditions.
– Coastline trips.
– Scientific lectures and seminars.
– Research training.
– All dive costs, including equipment hire.
– Freshwater lake trips.
– Guided dissections.
– Surfing 
– Guided whale watching.
– High speed internet access.

  • Local community interaction


Tofo Beach, Mozambique



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