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Very little is known about sharks in Mozambique. Our Scientific Director, Calum Murie, is working to examine the movements, habitat use and feeding ecology of bull (Zambezi), hammerhead, and oceanic blacktip sharks. To date, we are tracking 22 sharks along Inhambane coastline and in the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park. These sharks will continue to transmit data on their movements for up to 10 years. It is our aim to build our knowledge and develop policies that promote their conservation.

shark tagging

Our shark tagging and tracking project is the first in southern Mozambique and it will provide the first information on predator sharks in the area. The study involves capturing sharks and surgically inserting an acoustic tag under their skin. A little sample will be collected as well, for further genetic and stable isotopes analysis to investigate the connection between different populations and their feeding habits. This work is done by boat, and if there is space, the volunteers who have been here the longest get priority spots on the boat; however we cannot guarantee everyone will get a trip out. Safely capturing these large and powerful animals is very challenging and requires a lot of knowledge to predict what these sharks will do.

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