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Calum Murie

Scientific Director

Calum has started his adventure with Underwater Africa in 2016, investigating mantas, which fascinate him. He is now completing his PhD degree studying the movement of predator sharks in southern Mozambique to understand their behaviour.

Photo_Davide Chiarlo

Davide Chiarlo

Project Officer

Davide is a Marine Biologist and Divemaster and he is passionate about sharks. For the past 6 years he has been working around the world with fisheries and elasmobranchs. He is one of the responsibles of our volunteers and their activities.


Olivia Emsley

Project Officer

Olivia is a Biologist and Divemaster with a great passion for coral reefs and conservation. She is studying the seahorses population who inhabits Inhambane estuary. She is one of the responsibles of our volunteers and their activities.


Livia Gavard

Project Officer

Livia is a Veterinary student with a passion for cetaceans, expecially about the fascinating relationship between mothers and calves. She is our foundation’s whales expert and the responsible for the humpback whales program’s activities with our volunteers.


Malcolm Warrack

Board Member

Malcolm set up Underwater Africa with the aim to
connect people with scientist, to help and protect
Mozambique marine creatures. His love for the ocean
 is constantly inspiring our team to give our volunteers
their best experience ever.


Graeme Warrack

Board Member

Graeme co-funded our Foundation and spent mostly
of  his life in this idilliac location as Tofo. That’s why
he is always exciting to see more and more people
got fashineted by this place and  sharing his love
for Mozambique waters .

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