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Research in paradise

Scientific Research

Photo identification is an integral part of our scientific research because we use photo identification in a variety of our data analysis. Through this we are able to make individualistic research efforts and data signatures of whale tales, whale shark spot patterns, manta ray dot signatures, leopard and tiger shark spots and stripes and the identity of bull sharks. We send many of these images to international signature databases to assist in international identification and sightings of most of these species.

Sometimes our work requires us to do biopsies and different forms of analysis. From these analyses we are able to assist in tracking migration patterns and DNA sampling of whales, dolphins, turtles, whale sharks, manta rays and bull sharks. Most forms of analyses and sampling are done on a basis when an opportunity or a requirement presents itself.

We go on many extraordinary field trips. From our diving expeditions where we do research on our thousands of beautiful creatures, to our work in our fruitful estuary, to monitoring of coral reefs, checking our beaches for microplastics and the analysis of plankton on our shores, to our exciting seasonal whale trips in which we take DNA biopsies without harming the whales. Research and conservation efforts in our mangroves is another exciting responsibility that we uphold, as well as meeting up with local communities to host alternative livelihood and educational programs.

Our contributions

Our incredible research programmes have a diverse focus, from the world’s largest to the smallest marine animals, to entire reef ecosystems. We believe that the only way to solve the problems that our amazingly diverse selection of animals face is to take a complete approach and gain a full understanding of each and every species. This research is reflected in the decisions made in our conservation practices, which empowers us to protect these incredible animals into the future.

The oceans giants, and their associated ecosystems, are in serious trouble. As these animals commonly grow slowly, or have very few predators, human impacts can drastically affect their populations over a worryingly short period of time. This is why we need you. By joining us and helping us to collect information on these special animals, and helping us to protect them you are achieving real and meaningful impacts during your volunteer stay and are putting your green stamp on Mozambique’s incredible oceanic environment.

During your stay with us, you will be based in the Volunteer Research House based at the stunning Casa Barry Beach Lodge, where you will enjoy breathtaking views of the bay as well as having the beach as your front Yard. The lodge will provide scrumptious fresh meals each day at the lodge restaurant – unless of course we decide to have a Mozambican barbecue!


Tofo Beach, Mozambique



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